The certified project manager is meeting with his director for the first time

The certified project manager is a popular and desired profession for many beginners and advanced professionals.

When entering a new project, each certified project manager should meet with their director. In the article, we share an example presentation of the project manager to his project director.

If my director invites me to his office for a meeting to get to know and meet officially, I would tell about myself by pointing out my positive personal qualities and skills that he will see in the process of our joint work. One of my most important qualities is that I have good communication with people.

This is extremely important because it determines the way people perceive me. It also improves my chances of building good relationships with colleagues at work. My communication skills help me get clear expectations from the director of the office so that I can achieve an excellent job. Original source:

I am a productive employee because I know how to communicate with my colleagues and I can clearly express who, what, when, where, why, and how to end a project so that it is profitable and successful. Another positive quality of mine is that I can work successfully in a team.

The success of a company rarely depends on whether a person does something on their own. Success is the result of many people working towards a common goal.

When employees can combine their diverse talents, everyone wins. Employers strive for team players to build a friendly office culture that helps retain employees and in turn, attracts the best talent and my ability to work well with my colleagues enhances the quality of my work as well as theirs. Another quality of mine is that I adapt extremely quickly to all environments and situations.

Things don’t always go according to plan, so successful people are the ones who know how to be flexible when problems or unexpected situations arise, as well as new changes in the work environment. The change in every job is so fast that what was relevant a few years ago is now completely forgotten. Original reference:

Therefore, employers need staff who can adapt to change while carrying out their current activities, so as such an employee, my employers will be happy with me. I can also say, as my quality, that I make quick decisions about certain problems.

This is also very important because unexpected challenges arise constantly and the given companies rely on their best people to solve them and it is good to go to your employer with a solution to the given problem, and not only with the problem. Reference: “My first day as a project manager“,

I also don’t like creating conflicts and participating in them. But it is impossible in a work environment with many people not to have conflicts at one time.

The best way to resolve disagreements between colleagues is to address the issues directly but delicately so as not to spoil working and friendly relations, as well as the tone between them, and then there is no tension.

Also, I am an extremely positive person and I am always of the opinion that there are no impossible things, and also that everything can be fixed and fixed always no matter what it is and I think that it helps me a lot as motivation and enthusiasm and desire for work. Reference: “A new project manager joins the team and projects of the organization“,

What competencies and skills of the certified project manager will help the project succeed?

First of all, this is the ability to take responsibility for the development of the project. I have a strong motivation and enthusiasm to help develop the project.

I will make a detailed plan, budget, Gantt chart with all deadlines, as well as all the documentation necessary for the proper and error-free development of the project.

I will structure the work of the teams and communicate often with the client so that there are no unclear cases related to the project.

I will outline all possible risks and obstacles that may arise during the project and prepare an action plan for each risk.

I will communicate and inform the manager often about the important things and milestones achieved so that he/she feels confident about the success of the project, but I would certainly save unnecessary details.

My goal will be to build a strong relationship of trust with the manager so that he/she feels confident in my competencies.

I will often seek feedback from all parties – teams, manager, and client, to clarify all ambiguities and hesitations and improve processes where possible.


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What competencies and skills as a certified project manager that you do not yet have would help you?

I have only superficial knowledge in the field of the technical part of the project – if I had more in-depth knowledge I could be more useful to the team, and I could structure the work more successfully.

Also, this can lead to a difficult understanding with the team of programmers, which could harm our communication.

List everything you have learned so far that will help you. Explain why for each.

It is extremely important to maintain regular communication with all stakeholders. This way everyone would feel more confident in their work, in the success of the project. I would be able to resolve seemingly invisible conflicts and misunderstandings.

Keeping detailed documentation (project charter, project plan, scope, requirements, expectations, and responsibilities of stakeholders, communication plan), to which I can return in all circumstances.

The documentation would help me in unexpected situations that require a quick response, in any conflict of interest, breach of contract integrity, and additional requirements by the client. I could easily review the scope of the project and our responsibilities and, depending on them, I will be able to take appropriate action.

Building and monitoring / controlling a budget plan – provides us with a comprehensive picture of project costs. By adding new features – expanding the scope of the project, we could quickly calculate what it will cost the company and how much it will cost the customer.

Breaking big tasks into small ones – gives a more realistic idea, easier tracking, more predictable execution time, and necessary resources.

Tracking the Gantt chart – gives a comprehensive view of the project and I can easily track whether I am moving in time. In case of discrepancies, the delays should be discussed with the teams and appropriate measures should be taken.

Creating a table of roles and responsibilities – at any time I will know who and what to turn to. Everyone will be aware of their responsibilities and will be personally responsible for them.

Outlining all potential risks and actions to mitigate them – if a risk arises, I will have options developed for immediate action – this would take some time and a small change in the value of the budget.

Project Completion Report – aims to inform stakeholders about the progress of the project as of a given date.

It is a summary of all the current deviations, problems, successes and benefits, lessons learned, and more.

Keeping a daily diary of lessons learned as well as a diary of project development – these short and simple notes can have a big impact on the development of future projects.

We could see our mistakes and clear them for future projects – this will help the whole team grow. The diary will also contribute to the transparency of our work, which is extremely important for increasing trust and respect among the team.

Project Closing Document – summarizes all procedures for finalizing the transaction. Stakeholders can review the status of all project activities.