Certified project managers and project roles

Every project needs a certified project manager to take care of the progress and parameters of the project. We introduce our new colleague and participant Claudia.

My name is Claudia George. I am a certified project manager of our new project and the main person for communication and information exchange. Our good cooperation will guarantee the successful end of the project, and I believe that we will work well together.

At the end of each week, I will send you a brief overview of the project status by e-mail. I suggest this to be our main form of communication. In the correspondence, I will keep a copy of the technical persons from the team, as well as the interested persons from your company. In this regard, I ask for their contacts, as well as information about who is responsible for what.

Direct contact with the architectural company would simplify and speed up our work, so I ask for your consent. If there are other countries you work with that would be useful for the job, please send me the contact persons.

Here I will briefly explain the essence of each of the listed positions and my proposal for the respective post.


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Certified Program manager

The program manager manages entire programs that are a collection of several projects. The project managers of the various projects are accountable to the program manager.

Linda S and Joana are also suitable for this position because they are project managers with a great experience. If you think we can deprive marketing or public relations of valuable staff, both would be a good option.

Project sponsor

The project sponsor, if there is no executive sponsor over it, provides the project funding, can make changes in the scope of the project, reviews, and evaluates the main results of the project. Makes important decisions and delegates tasks.
I propose the Executive Director Mr. Gates as a sponsor of the project.

Certified Project director

The project director manages the resources and controls the finances to ensure that the project progresses according to plan and is within the budget. He reviews the project managers’ reports on the progress of the projects and, if necessary, makes adjustments, including financial ones.
We could offer this position to Martha Cooper because she has enough experience as a director. Changing the scope often has a refreshing and stimulating effect.

Steering committee

The Steering Committee is a group of high-level stakeholders who provide guidance for the overall strategic development of the organization. This body is especially valuable if the project has an impact on external organizations. They bring information from them into ours, which helps make decisions.

In our case, setting up such a committee is pointless unless we can attract people from outside companies.
Regarding my place in this structure, I will report directly to the project director.

The work on the project

When the work overlaps with the other tasks I have had to perform so far, I find the right balance. Every day a project in itself is unique and requires very detailed work, organization, and a good team. What I also notice and am sure is the same in reality is the constant hope for the success of anything to the Project Manager. It is understandable on the one hand – he is responsible for extremely important things that accompany the successful course of the project. It is good to note that this is a team effort, and one person does not make a team, so each unit is extremely important.

What I can “offer” to my new boss is the certainty that things will go as they should.

The good thing about this new venture is that the customer is “old”, has already used the services of the company, which means that he is satisfied and relies on us again. This is very important because there should already be a separate way of requirements, work, and manners, which for us as a team will be important to know and if we can follow.

Certainly, the very fact that the people were focused on managing IT products will help to successfully cope with another such task. As it became clear before, even if the Project Manager does not have deep knowledge in this area (and I think this is widespread, as it is absolutely not mandatory, but of course it is a plus), I think it will contribute positively to the situation.

I want to draw attention to the fact that everyone in the company is a programmer, and the rest are marketing specialists. It is very important to have other people to take care of part of the project – quality control, etc.

I can’t miss the important communication for me. It will always be mandatory for me to find a common language between the teams, so that the work process can go more smoothly, both for the project itself and, more importantly, for the people. When people are happy and satisfied with what they do, and most of all feel understood and appreciated, it contributes to the overall performance of the work. So I think that a good “mediator” is extremely important in any situation – everything should be commented on because even I myself see that this is not done in real life because managers can not prioritize their commitments and forget about the essentials.

I also realized that it is very important to always have back-up options because everything can go wrong. Perfecting the project is extremely important and you should always expect changes that I think are inevitable, even in small projects. It is important to maintain “self-control”, to take the necessary measures and to achieve the goal, even at the cost of other decisions and quite variable.

What I think will be very important in this work environment is the very fact that you have to do a million things at once, even if it’s written somewhere and you have to follow it. I don’t think I can still combine a lot of things without being mentally tired, but when I say a lot, I’m really talking about an extraordinary number of tasks.
The other thing that is good to have, whether it’s personal or more to work, although for me this thing overlaps on both sides, is to distinguish work from personal, because I think it’s very important after a working day, especially full of many tasks, to be able to relax and unwind. I say this because I think it will help a hell of a lot the next day’s work and won’t lead to burn-outs, mistakes, etc.